It's time for united action

One of the most insidious forms of racism today is the current right-wing campaign to bring down the presidency of Barack Obama. Turning reality on its head seems the tactic of choice to achieve this objective. When, for example, President Obama criticized the behavior of the Cambridge police for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates on his front porch for the “crime” of “arguing while black” he was called “anti-white” by right-wing commentator Glen Beck.

Swine flu vaccine get the facts

A new vaccine for the swine flu (H1N1) will be available this fall as the flu season begins, officials at the Department of Health and Human Services announced August 19.

Glenn Beck boycott grows

The boycott of Fox News host Glenn Beck, led by the online activist group Color of Change, continues to gain momentum. Twenty companies have reportedly pulled their ads from the right-wing talk show after Beck called President Obama a “racist.”

Video: Rep. Jesse Jackson hosts town hall on health reform

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., hosted an overflow town hall meeting on health care reform August 18th. He hailed the meeting, held in a local church, as a model of civil and respectful debate and discussion.

Oklahoma ruling could get chicken waste out of our rivers

A lawsuit charging poultry companies with polluting Oklahoma’s waterways got a boost this week when a federal judge ruled that large amounts of chicken waste can fall under federal anti-pollution laws.

UN, along with United States, celebrates Youth Day

UNITED NATIONS – Three West Branch, Iowa middle school students got a chance to stand in the world spotlight, presenting their work on the environmental dangers of lead.

Michael Vick gets second chance with Eagles

Despite an unfortunate dark spot in his past and after serving 18 months in prison because of it, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Michael Vick. Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Vick as their backup quarterback, two years after he was sentenced to prison for his role in financing an illegal dog-fighting ring.


Issues calmly debated at northern Calif. health care Town Hall

ALAMEDA, Calif. ― Forty minutes before starting time, the line outside Alameda City Hall already stretched down the steps and across the block. Bright yellow tee-shirts printed with Health Care Reform Now! mingled with signs, Who profits from the status quo? and Public option now! Though most in the crowd clearly supported reform, one placard featured a vampire-toothed Uncle Sam demanding, “I want your money!”

Progressives press Senate Dems to move without GOP

Liberal and progressive strategists are dismissing media reports about the death of the public health care option as overblown speculation during a “slow news” period. The characterization of the reports is being made by many, among them Mike Lux, CEO of Progressive Strategies, who said, “I don’t think anything has changed.”

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