Twitter silenced, hackers suspected

Hackers may have brought down Twitter this morning. The rapidly expanding new communications tool, which gained global attention in the Iran election crisis, was inaccessible for several hours Thursday. The company is blaming a “denial-of-service” attack.

Electric rate hike fought in St. Louis

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, and its allies from the Service Employees International Union and Missouri Progressive Vote held a spirited rally outside the Ameren U.E. office here August 5. Ameren U.E., Missouri's electric and gas utilities provider, has proposed an 18 percent rate hike.

Anti-worker group pays Rove $100,000 to fight EFCA

Here we go again. Yet another misleadingly named, corporate-funded front group has been created to block the freedom to form unions and bargain and scare people away from the Employee Free Choice Act. And where there are big corporate dollars and smear campaigns, you can bet that repudiated and disgraced political hacks like Karl Rove can’t be far behind.

Why you cant sit out the health care fight

I was part of a recent Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) conference call on the mobilization to fight for real health care reform. It was a wonderful, well attended event, chaired by Ed Coyle the group's director. ARA is a labor union-based retirees organization.


Lozano launches bid for state office

The announcement was made at the site of the new Little Village High School, symbolic of the many struggles waged by Chicago’s Mexican American community and a beacon of hope for the future.

Fair development is big issue in latest Thompson endorsement

NEW YORK — The campaign of Bill Thompson, the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the November election, continues to pick up steam, this time gaining the endorsement of 15,000-member Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union/UFCW.

It's time to confirm Sotomayor, supporters say

Despite ongoing floor debates in the Senate today, Sonia Sotomayor’s history-making confirmation is almost certain, which would make her the country’s first Latina Supreme Court justice.


Health reformers cheer public option, single-payer vote

'Astroturfers' stand on sidelines, insurance insider blows the whistle CHICAGO – “To protest against health care is like protesting against air,” said one woman who had stopped after work to attend the Aug. 4 health care reform rally here.

Pa. shooters blog mixed racism, sexism, despair

The gunman who killed three women and then himself at a Pittsburgh-area fitness club yesterday had a blog in which racist and sexist comments mixed with constant talk of his failure to have relationships with women, and of not having control over his life.

CNN pressures cable outlets to kill Lou Dobbs commercial

CNN, under increasing pressure to reign in announcer Lou Dobbs’ questioning of President Obama citizenship, pressured cable outlets to not run a Media Matters commercial critical of the news anchor’s antics. Tuesday, the news corporation itself refused to air the commercial.

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