Health reform opponents resist universal coverage

The health care fight is taking shape outside the Washington beltway as lawmakers return to their home districts for August recess. Democratic lawmakers have been putting together comprehensive bills to reform the broken system in the face of Republican and insurance industry opposition, and from nervous conservatives in the Democratic Party, known as “Blue Dogs.”

2010 census a civil rights issue, activists say

Civil rights leaders nationwide are gearing up for the 2010 census, which they say is one of the most important issues facing the economic and political development of low-income working-class communities, especially people of color and immigrants.


Cleaning & greening the ports

OAKLAND, Calif. -- No matter which coast they’re on, the nation’s ports, the truck drivers who convey most goods to and from port terminals, and the surrounding communities are suffering the same problems: congested traffic leading to inefficient transfer of goods, rampant pollution-related illness, and working conditions binding drivers in an unrelenting cycle of poverty.

Stimulus money gives lifeline to states, communities

Federal stimulus money is now the number one income source for state and local governments, the latest statistics show. The infusion of federal money — under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed by President Obama in February — has prevented some state and local cuts and even made possible some hiring that would otherwise not have happened.

Health care reform will benefit small business

Two studies by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) find that the House health care reform bill (H.R. 3200) would pay dividends for small businesses and other groups, and costs incurred by the federal government would help reduce total health spending over time.


Economic stimulus protects Puget Sound's environment

BLYN, WA.—Marine wildlife lovers sliced a chocolate cake and toasted the Obama Administration’s grant of $4.6 million in economic stimulus funds to hire 40 or more scuba divers to remove derelict fishing nets that have killed untold millions of fish, marine mammals, and birds in the waters of Puget Sound over the past century.

Civil rights struggle not over, Urban League activists say

CHICAGO – Thousands of African American activists, business leaders, elected and appointed officials, youth and civil rights advocates are convened here during the National Urban League’s (NUL) conference to discuss fighting for personal and community empowerment during tough economic times.


Billionaires vs. the people in Connecticuts tax the rich fight

HARTFORD, Conn. — Four limos filled with “billionaires” drove up to the steps of the Connecticut State Capitol yesterday to hold a “Thank you Governor Rell for NOT taxing the rich!” rally.

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