Arafat calls for end to violence: what now?

In his Dec. 16 televised address to the Palestinian nation, on the occasion of the Muslim Eid-el-Fitr festive holiday following the fasting month of Ramadan, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat called for an end to all armed actions, especially the suicide bombings in Israel proper.

9/11 came on top of suffering NY economy

A decade-long celebration of what was being hailed as a “new economy” diverted public attention from the serious social and economic vulnerabilities accumulating in New York.

Steelworkers pay for Cold War's end

Much has been written about how low-cost imports have affected steelworkers in the United States. In the past two years, 29 steel companies have declared bankruptcy, with several of them going under and closing their doors. The most dramatic bankruptcy has been with LTV.

AFL-CIO 24th Convention: Resolve against the storm

LAS VEGAS – The the labor movement in Las Vegas has won some very tough battles to make it a union town, with probably one of the highest union membership densities in the country.

Arabs and Jews call for Middle East peace

WASHINGTON – Arab and Jewish Americans are speaking with one voice in denouncing terrorism in the Middle East and calling for strong action to defend the peace process based on the co-existence of two states, Palestine and Israel.

Steelworkers fight for America's future

STEEL CITY SOLIDARITY CAMP – Steelworkers from LTV Steel Corporation took the fight to save their jobs, pensions and health-care benefits to Capitol Hill last week.

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