Fighting terrorism without destroying the law

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, there has been a lot of attention paid to the Portland, Ore. Police Bureau’s response to a request by federal authorities to question 23 men of Middle Eastern origin in our community.

Bush proposes police state public health law

How could anyone oppose a strong public health system – one with a mandate to protect everyone from such potential disasters such as smallpox or anthrax? Given the disastrous shape that the U.S. public health system is in, there is certainly a need to infuse millions of dollars into the system.

Dont invite the Marlboro man to dinner

As holiday shoppers scramble for last-minute gifts, the barrage of advertisements taking advantage of the season of giving is reaching its peak. The same rule of thumb that explains the sell-out of the must-have toy of the season also applies to tobacco: the most heavily advertised brands are the most popular. The leading brand among teens in the United States is Marlboro, peddled to kids by what has been called the number one advertising icon of all time, the Marlboro cowboy.

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