Spains oil spill: Another environmental tragedy

The oil tanker behind the ecological disaster off the Spanish coast is yet another 'Ship of Shame' flying a flag of convenience. The ageing vessel that broke in two is the Bahamas flagged, American-classed, Prestige, which is Greek owned by a company that may or may not be registered in Liberia, and chartered by a business that could be Russian or Swiss.

CP of Cyprus discusses UN plan

The Central Committee of AKEL (the Communist Party of Cyprus) discussed UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s plan and developments concerning Cyprus, Nov. 27.

Conference vows to fight unfair trade

HAVANA – 'Another America is possible' was the theme of the Second Hemispheric Meeting against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which closed Nov. 28 here with a rousing call to action and struggle against the FTAA throughout the Americas.

National Clips

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif.: 'Hell no we won’t go,' say youth and students / BURNS HARBOR, Ind.: Veteran steelworker killed in Bethlehem Mill / ANN ARBOR, Mich.: Wolverines say No to Iraq War / OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.: Workers and Ponca Nation unite for clean water / KNOXVILLE, Tenn.: UT staff says union yes / Washington, DC – NOW Pleads for Women’s Safety Before High Court

Labor organizer remembered in Chicago

CHICAGO – Scores of old friends and political co-workers of labor organizer Rodolfo 'Rudy' Lozano gathered Dec. 1 in the Mexican neighborhood where he used to live to celebrate a belated official recognition of Rudy’s contribution to the struggle for justice and workers’ rights in this city.

Bush will have war, no matter what

Opinion The Bush administration is preparing for war on Iraq regardless of the success of disarming Iraq – perhaps only in the event that Iraq is disarmed.

An analysis of the 2002 elections

Opinion It has become a cliche that every election is a 'critical' one, but the election of 2002 showed that that is indeed the case. This country is led by an administration that stole the 2000 election, has enacted numerous laws to benefit the rich and hurt working people, and is poised to start a war for oil.

Advancing the struggle for peace & progress

The White House is saying that the election results give a green light to its political and legislative agenda. Although the evidence to prove this is threadbare, there are ample reasons to be alarmed, as Bush and gang have never allowed facts to interfere with their spin on events.

Taxes, taxes, taxes: High on the Bush agenda

It has been written that the more things change, the more they are the same. And that certainly holds true when it comes to battles over taxes. True, the powdered wigs of James Madison’s time are gone. And yes, George Bush has replaced 'Teddy' Roosevelt. But the issues are the same – who pays and how much.

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