NYC transit workers fight for wages, safety

NEW YORK – Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 may go on strike Dec. 16 and the nation’s largest public transportation system, moving more than 7 million people daily, may come to a stop.

Carter urges peace, Bush undermines UN

As the Bush administration outraged United Nations members with its latest strong-arm tactics, former president Jimmy Carter challenged the Bush administration’s war drive and urged support for international cooperation.

Millions of Venezuelans protest new coup plot

Two million Venezuelans marched through Caracas, Dec. 8, to defend their country’s Constitution and stop a second coup d’etat aimed at ousting President Hugo Chavez.

Lula visits AFL-CIO headquarters

WASHINGTON (Press Associates, Inc., PAI) - Declaring “my victory is a symbol for all those who live from labor, Brazilian President-elect Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva warned of challenges ahead for his new government, but predicted success “because labor has built something different in Brazil.”

The choice: Heat or eat

Santa Claus came to Washington early this year. Some, like the nearly one million workers who will lose their unemployment benefits on Dec. 28, will find lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings while nearly 2,000 of President Bush’s political appointees will find checks of as much as $25,000 in theirs.

Crowd greets appeals for solidarity

BALTIMORE – A near-capacity crowd at Stony Run Friends Meeting Dec. 9 applauded as Luis Fernandes of Brazil and Edith Manrique of Colombia appealed for solidarity in their people’s struggles for democracy and national independence.

100 arrested at UN opposing immoral war

NEW YORK – “War against Iraq is unjustifiable and immoral. It will cost thousands of innocent lives, Iraqi and American. And I will do everything I can to stop it.” So said Rabbi Michael Fineberg before his arrest on the steps of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, Dec. 10.

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