Nation resounds to call: Repeal the Patriot Act

WASHINGTON – A crowd of 3,000 people at Constitution Hall, Nov. 9, erupted in cheers when Al Gore called for repeal of the Patriot Act to stop George W. Bush’s assault on the Bill of Rights.

Guantanamo prisoners to be released

Facing pressure from a Supreme Court challenge and increasing tension over the issue with the British government, the Bush administration has decided to release up to 100 of the estimated 660 prisoners from 44 countries held at Guantanamo Bay.

Bush plays politics with Iraq crisis

President Bush’s stage-managed Thanksgiving Day trip to a U.S. military hangar in Baghdad dramatized the extent to which the administration is now handling Iraq as an element in Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign.

Military families in Iraq on peace mission

U.S. military families, along with veterans, undertook an unprecedented mission this week. They traveled to Iraq as part of a seven-day tour of duty for peace. click here for Spanish text