Army resister speaks to high school students

LAWRENCE, Mass. — Camilo Mejía, a former sergeant in the U.S. Army who served a year in jail for refusing to return to Iraq, urged young people here to learn the facts before deciding whether to enlist in the armed forces.

Rising opposition to anti-immigrant bill

The Republican leadership of the House of Representatives, counting on anti-immigrant hysteria it has helped whip up, is trying to ram through another reactionary piece of legislation like the USA Patriot Act. But labor and people’s forces are quickly rising to the challenge posed by this GOP blitzkrieg.

Fundraisers spread peace, joy and thanks

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — With a call to “Rebuild America – Bring the Troops Home,” Connecticut readers of the People’s Weekly World honored leaders of the people’s movement at a Dec. 4 reception. The event, marking the 86th anniversary of the Communist Party USA, drew together peace activists, unions, students, politicians and community organizations. It also raised $4,000 towards the PWW Fund Drive.

Seasons greetings from the PWW

The staff of the People’s Weekly World wishes all of our readers safe and happy holiday season.

Tampa jury rejects terror charges: Demand grows: Free Al-Arian

The refusal of a 12-member jury in Tampa, Fla., Dec. 6 to convict Dr. Sami Al-Arian of any of the 51 “terrorism” charges against him was another in a string of defeats for the Bush administration in its use of the Patriot Act in witch-hunt trials.

Workers rights are human rights: Week of action spotlights labors right to organize

CHICAGO — “Today I am proud to join workers, community and religious leaders in an urgent call for stronger U.S. and international laws that protect workers’ rights on the job,” Illinois AFL-CIO President Margaret Blackshere told a Dec. 8 rally at the city’s historic Haymarket Square. More than 175 union members, activists, religious leaders and community supporters braved a snowstorm to join the observance of International Human Rights Week, Dec. 3-10.

We wont go back!: Ohio unionists rally for human rights

“We can’t win in the bankers’ court,” Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, told the cheering crowd of over 1,000 UAW workers, mostly Delphi employees, in Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 10. Referring to the use of the bankruptcy courts by Delphi and other corporations to dump workers’ pensions and health care, Cohen declared “We can’t win in the bankers’ court, but we can win!

Venezuela reaches out to Africa, Caribbean

On Sept. 30 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez talked about Africa. Interviewed on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now,” he said, “Yesterday I met with the president of Mozambique. … The life expectancy in Mozambique is 38 years old and going down, because AIDS is causing havoc in the population. It’s terrible, it’s a tragedy.

Why Bush must be removed from office

Never in the history of the United States have we the people been subjected to as much corruption as we have experienced under the regime of George W. Bush.

Bay Area hotel workers plan holiday actions

SAN FRANCISCO — If your holiday plans include a stay at one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s prime hotels, chances are good that the people making up your room, cooking and serving you in the restaurants or keeping things shipshape behind the scenes may be among the thousands of area hotel workers locked in long contract battles highlighting health care and workers’ rights. Unite Here union locals on both sides of the bay are planning vigils during the prime shopping season.

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