Mexico: repression looms in deepening crisis

The crisis in Mexican politics deepened last week as the right-wing government moved in a significantly more repressive direction. State violence against protesters has escalated significantly.

CPUSA leaders visit China, Vietnam

BEIJING — A Communist Party USA delegation headed by national chair Sam Webb arrived here Nov. 30 for a party-to-party exchange. In the first three days the delegation visited many historic sites, including the tomb of Mao Zedong, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum and an exhibition on the Long March of the 1930s.

Indigenous pressure key to Bolivias land reform

The Bolivian Congress passed landmark agrarian reform legislation Nov. 28 despite bitter but ultimately faltering right-wing opposition. Central to the achievement was indigenous mobilization working in tandem with an indigenous-headed government, enabling its president to make good on promises to Bolivia’s majority population.

CPUSA delegation to China, Vietnam

A delegation of the Communist Party USA started a tour of China and Vietnam Nov. 30. See future issues of the People’s Weekly World for reports on the trip.

Super-Sunday events for PWW

“We’ll raise several thousand dollars,” Lance Cohn said of the 19th Annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Banquet in Illinois, of which he is a principal organizer. Cohn said that the banquet, which will be held in a Greek restaurant, has attracted a wide audience.


Taking back the land in Miami

MIAMI, Fla. — “We are housing for the people, by the people,” proclaims a sign outside the kitchen at Umoja Village in Liberty City, Miami. What is Umoja Village and how did it come to be in the historic heart of the African American quarter here?




Communists assess election results

NEW YORK — “The right-wing stranglehold on Congress has been broken,” Joelle Fishman, chair of the Communist Party USA’s political action commission, told a meeting of its national committee here, Nov. 18-19.


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