African nations show unity at Lisbon summit

African leaders displayed an exceptional degree of unity at the European-African summit held in Lisbon, Portugal, on Dec. 8-9. The trade issues, which prompted the first meeting of its kind in seven years, were overshadowed by European attempts to prevent the participation of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

Chilean general speaks of dirty deeds

Like a terrible figure from a recurring nightmare, former Chilean Gen. Juan Manuel Contreras has once again thrust himself into the limelight of U.S.-South America relations.

On the road again: Challenges and opportunities in the 2008 elections

Not every struggle carries the same political significance. Some leave little trace on the political landscape; others rearrange it extensively.

Religion hits the Iowa race

It seems to be a whole new race for both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa. This is particularly true for the Republican candidates, who were in a lackluster campaign until Romney, the leader of the pack, heard footsteps drawing nearer, and looking behind, saw Huckabee closing on him


Just the tip of the iceberg: a response to Al Gores Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

The focus of the world’s attention is shifting to the need to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. Alongside and driving this shift is a decisive shift in world public opinion. This will propel changes in elections, government policies and media coverage for years to come.

French youth revolt spotlights deep inequities

PARIS — Two years have passed since the “insurrection of the suburbs” of working-class and immigrant youth in this city’s impoverished outskirts. The violent rebellion of 2005, which included young people setting fire to thousands of automobiles and engaging in street battles with the police, transfixed the nation for nearly three weeks.