Toxics and children

Here is a right to life issue. We’ve been hearing a lot in recent weeks about the dangers of toys from China that are contaminated with lead. But the true dimensions of the toxic threat against our children are of far greater magnitude. And the threat isn’t made in China, but right here in the USA.


The hawk and the Klansmen

The Stavitch Bike Trail extends for 10 miles on the Mahoning River, just south and a little east of Youngstown, Ohio, past the giant ruins of Republic Steel and Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company and alongside a railroad track that connects the post-industrial towns of northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

A political river is being crossed

We are at the cusp of a new stage of struggle that has the potential to shift the balance of forces in our country, not incrementally and momentarily, but decisively and enduringly in favor of the working class and people and against the right that has dominated political life for nearly three decades.

Protests tell GOP grinches: dont block kids health care

WASHINGTON — In the spirit of holiday giving, labor and community activists are descending on lawmakers’ offices this month with a warning: enact SCHIP children’s health care by a veto-proof margin now or face removal from office next fall.