More gift suggestions for the holidays

Libero Della Piana suggests supporting the Writers Guild strikers and buying union-made, cool and funny T-shirts at .

Progressive holiday gift ideas

Get your mind into the holiday spirit of giving with a great mantra for progressives the world over: “What happens to the beast if you don’t feed it?”

12,000 in Bali confront climate crisis

The UN-sponsored Bali conference that wound up Dec. 14 in Indonesia laid the basis for negotiations for an international agreement to follow the Kyoto Protocol, due to expire in 2012. While there are many sharp disagreements, and counties advocate varied strategies to address global climate change, there is increasing world consensus about the necessity of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Cold, soaring costs put people in deep freeze

PARIS, Maine — It is freezing cold and the countryside here in the “Down East” state is blanketed in snow. As home heating prices double or triple, low- and middle-income families in this low-wage state are struggling to stay warm.

We are not the enemy

I have always enjoyed Bill Cosby on television - even the stand-up acts that were recorded before I was born. His ability to tackle complex issues in a humorous way always sparked healthy discussion in our household. Unfortunately, Cosby’s recent transition to political commentator, exemplified most recently by his book, Come on People, with Alvin Poussaint, is quite demoralizing and degrading at times.

Intelligence report a setback for Bush threats vs. Iran

The Dec. 3 release of the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, stating that Iran stopped nuclear weapons-related testing in 2003 and has likely not restarted, has weakened the Bush administration’s position, making a U.S. attack on Iran less likely. However, the administration is still pushing sanctions and many warn that military conflict is not out of the question entirely.

Anniversary of an American coup

It didn’t come at the point of a gun. It didn’t come with jack-booted soldiers. It came in lawyers’ suits and justices’ robes. The will of the people may never be known, as the hero of the court, Justice Stevens wrote, but the identity of the loser is perfectly clear.

Driving a port truck is hazardous to your health

OAKLAND, Calif. - Truck drivers at the Port of Oakland are breathing dangerous levels of diesel soot, says a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Connecticut Together As One reception honors allies

An overflow crowd braved the icy rain Dec. 2 to pay tribute to three Connecticut leaders and put the People’s Weekly World fund drive over the top.

Art exhibit highlights Black colleges unique role

HOUSTON — I have been appalled by the recent right-wing assault on Texas Southern University, the nation’s second largest historically Black college.

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