2008: What a year for labor

Talk about a sea change. A President-elect who actually walks on picketlines rather than busts unions. Unprecedented independent labor political action that arguably made the difference in changing the direction of our country.

Union win at Smithfield points to importance of Employee Free Choice Act

TAR HEEL, N.C. (PAI)--After 15 years, three elections and rampant company labor law-breaking during the campaigns before the first two, the United Food and Commercial Workers finally won recognition at Smithfield company’s giant pork processing and packing plant in Tar Heel, N.C.

The year in headlines: election and economy

WASHINGTON (PAI)--The election, the election, the election…and the economy.

We must pass the Employee Free Choice Act

In today’s New York Times, the editorial board makes a strong, clearly argued and unambiguous case that President-elect Obama needs to strengthen working families by pushing for a quick passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and giving his Labor Secretary-designate, Rep. Hilda Solis, the power she needs to protect workers.

Obama creates historic White House task force

The Obama Transition Team announced the formation of an historic task force this week – the White House Task Force on Working Families. According to the transition team's announcement, Vice President-elect Joe Biden will head the task force.

Another bank draws worker anger: Teamsters picket KeyBank for funding union-busting

CLEVELAND — Teamsters and supporters from Jobs with Justice and Working America picketed the corporate headquarters of KeyBank here Dec. 19, accusing the bank of funding a union-busting drive by Oak Harbor Freight Lines.

A Texan for trade rep?

At a luncheon for union leaders, I asked what people hoped to see in new government appointments. 'Nobody from Texas,' was the sharpest and most agreed-on response. Neoconservative Republicans have dominated all state offices since Bush first ran for governor in the mid 1990s. Even before that, under Democratic Gov. Ann Richards and President Clinton, state leaders set up a big 'Yee-haw' for NAFTA.


Congressman, faith and labor leaders urge release of jailed workers

Imagine you sell your home, even borrow money, to move to another community where you are promised a good job. But when you get there, you're forced to live in near-slavery conditions.

OPINION: Renegotiating NAFTA an uphill but winnable fight

One of the demands of U.S. workers in the election just past was a renegotiation of NAFTA. Canadian workers have similar concerns. In Mexico, the demand to reorganize NAFTA comes most strongly from small farmers, but is also advanced by workers and the left. It is a winnable, but uphill, fight.


New green world waits in the wings

Mid-December brought developments at global, national, state and local levels in the race to reverse global warming and grow the economy.

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