Budget and planet friendly gift ideas

Budget and planet friendly gift ideas



CHICAGO — “We’re here to demand our rights,” said Manuella Rivera in a gentle but firm voice, “and we’ll stay until we get justice.” Rivera, a 58-year-old window assembler, is among 250 courageous workers at Republic Windows and Doors who have occupied the plant since Dec. 5 when it was shut down after the company’s main financer, Bank of America, refused to extend a line of credit.

Only one fix for auto industry: nationalize it

A raging debate is under way across the country, in Congress and between the incoming Obama and outgoing Bush administrations on the fate of the auto industry. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler CEOs have faced tough questioning in Congress. GM is begging for $25 billion to keep it and its ailing Detroit counterparts going. But nobody seems too thrilled about the prospect.

Hurricane Ike: Dj vu all over again

GALVESTON, Texas — After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, many speculated that if a similar disaster hit Texas, the Bush administration would respond more positively. Over two months after Hurricane Ike struck, the evidence suggests otherwise.


Street theater links general strike date to todays struggles

OAKLAND, Calif. — For a moment last weekend the leaves of the calendar flipped backward, as Latham Square in the center of downtown became again the site of that great post-World War II demonstration of labor solidarity, the Oakland General Strike of 1946.

Letters December 6, 2008

Imagine a health care system Or no change? Coverage on Mumbai Bottom up change


Top shots in IAM photo contest

Along with crafting quality products, Machinists (IAM) members can take some pretty snappy photos, too. The union’s annual photo contest is a chance for members to capture on film—or pixels—the wide range of work done by Machinists across the country.

Hire education: Unions launch campaign for disabled performers

Although 20 percent of Americans—56 million people—between the ages of 5 and 64 are living with a disability, they are represented by less than 2 percent of characters on TV.


On your way to inauguration? Chicana art exhibit in Washington

Chicana Art and Experience: “Mujeres con Garbo” is an exhibition of more than 30 prints, paintings, posters and photographs by women who reflect on the experiences and struggles of Mexican Americans. The show features some of the most prominent artists in the United States today. It will be displayed at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C., November 19, 2008–to May 31, 2009.

To turn economy around, more union members needed

WASHINGTON — When you approach the national offices of the AFL-CIO in the shadow of the Washington Monument here your eye is caught by the enormous banner draped over the front of the building, bulging outward as the wind whips it from behind. Letters that spell “We are turning around America” are so large they can be read from a block away.

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