CPUSA condemns Gaza attacks

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) emphatically condemns the continuing Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which have left hundreds dead and over a thousand wounded. The hundreds of Israeli air strikes have been carried out with a total disregard for the safety of civilians and institutions and are the latest phase in a campaign to blockade the economy of Gaza and deny the people access to basic necessities.

Ultra-right pushes Canada into political crisis

Canada has been thrown into a period of intense political volatility as the three opposition parties in Parliament have rejected the governing ultra-right Conservative Party’s “mini-budget” response to September’s economic meltdown, and announced the formation of a coalition government ready to take power. Parliament is now suspended until January.

Canada: Political crisis postponed

VANCOUVER, B.C. — A political standoff between the rightwing Conservative Party government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the opposition that would have seen the Liberal Party and center-left New Democratic Party (NDP) form a coalition government to replace the Conservatives, has been narrowly averted. Governor-General Michaelle Jean has granted the Conservatives a short reprieve by closing Parliament until Jan. 26.