100,000 sign petition to stop Afghanistan war

Veterans and others opposed to the U.S. military escalation in Afghanistan announced they have collected 100,000 signatures "in record speed" calling for an end to the war.


Afghanistan scandal shakes Berlin

BERLIN -- Like the peaks of the Hindu Kush dominating much of Afghanistan, the war in that unhappy country increasingly overshadows the political scenery in Germany.


Obama’s Nobel Prize: world wants peace surge

Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, President Obama acknowledged "considerable controversy" over the award, while others said the prize signals the world's hopes for peace.


The regional alternative to escalation in Afghanistan

More U.S. troops are being prepared for Afghanistan, but there is another alternative.


Detroiters worry about war’s impact on troubled city

DETROIT - Marchers here had no shortage of ideas for better ways to use the money.


Is Obama wading into Big Muddy?

President Obama announced his Afghanistan strategy Dec. 1 to a U.S. public that has very mixed feelings about the war and openly wonder if this will be the president's "Vietnam."


Escalating the war in Afghanistan is not the answer

President Obama will make his speech on the war in Afghanistan tonight and it  will call for thousands of additional troops.