PA home care workers, patients protest company threat to cut pay

Home health care workers say they need a raise, but they are threatened with a pay cut if a major health care provider gets its way


Jobs: The time for talk is over

For the last three months this newspaper has covered jobs conferences, jobs seminars and job creation think tank gatherings too numerous to count.

Labor & community activists converge @Organizing 2.0

NEW YORK -- Several hundred labor organizers, community organizers and progressive technologists gathered here Dec. 6 for the Organizing 2.0 Conference.


Steelworkers' hall rededicated to workers killed building union

Local 1010 of the United Steelworkers union (USW) is proud of its militant history and its rededicated union hall.


Union goes on the offensive with charter schools

Charter school teachers in Chicago vote for union representation.


Labor leader encouraged by jobs summit

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka went on cable television last night after attending the White House summit and said he was "encouraged" by the gathering.


Campaign launched for mercado workers’ rights

Labor, community and faith-based organizations announced  a campaign for owners of ethnic grocery stores - often called "mercados" - to comply with state and federal laws.


Workers hold roundtables as jobs summit begins

As union leaders, business CEOs and economists meet at the White House today for a jobs summit workers across the country are holding roundtable gatherings on job creation.


On the eve of jobs summit labor call for bold action

On the eve of President Obama's Dec. 3 summit on jobs labor and progressive leaders held a press conference today urging the White House and Congress to adopt the AFL-CIO's five-point jobs plan.


World AIDS Day: ‘Be faithful, be tested, be unionized’

In South Africa, a highly successful AIDS program is led by a union.

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