Maury Maverick Jr., civil rights attorney, dies

SAN ANTONIO – On January 28, Maury Maverick Jr., a veteran civil rights attorney, legislator, and progressive journalist, died Jan. 28, of kidney failure at the age of 82. During the McCarthy Era, Maverick, whose great grandfather’s free-ranging cattle made the Maverick name a metaphor and synonym for free thought, was one of few legislators fighting the intense red-baiting of that time.

We hate to see them go

I recently unearthed a copy of a folk song – from 1959 – by the very memorable Malvina Reynolds. I had lost track of it, but Pete Seeger very kindly found it and sent me a copy. It is most relevant now. Despite the technical advances in warfare that may make the reference to shovels obsolete, perhaps, the sentiment is alive and well and thriving!

Bush freezes families

CHICAGO – After more than six months, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) finally has some of the funding that freezing elderly and working-class people all across the country have been waiting for. On Jan. 24 President Bush released the $200 million of the remaining $300 million that was budgeted to the program. But for some the funding has come too late.