Philly shows brotherly love to grocery strikers

PHILADELPHIA – At a Feb. 12 rally at a local Acme supermarket, union and community members had a strong message for shoppers here: “Don’t shop at Acme.”

Grocery workers win lawmakers backing

LOS ANGELES – If Safeway and its CEO Steve Burd have their way, the 21st century will have conditions more like the 19th century for working families, said Connie Leyva, president of Local 1428 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, speaking to a panel led by four Democratic California congresspeople. click here for Spanish text click here for related story

Industrial union for rail workers

Workers’ Correspondence Jan. 1, 2004, was a historic date for railroad unionism but was little noticed outside the industry. The Teamsters and the oldest of the rail craft unions, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, merged.

W.E.B. Du Bois cites profits, racism as threat to democracy

Speech to 1949 Moscow Peace conference: I represent millions of citizens of the United States who are just as opposed to war as you are.