Texans face school crisis

Opinion If disastrous trends in Texas portend bad developments in the rest of the nation, as they have since George W. Bush became governor, then Americans should prepare to fight if we want to save public education.

A choice for Maine: war and Bush, or health care?

Opinion Independence – or crankiness – comes naturally for some of us in the Northeast. An active separatist movement is on the move in Vermont.

The Bush budget

Opinion The most important cause of escalating deficits has been destructive, parasitic military spending, not constructive spending.

State of the Union

Opinion I found the following while rummaging around in my brain.

The sheriff who issues pink underwear

Opinion He boasts the average prisoner meal costs the state but 20 cents; prisoners get only two of them a day.

Beyond rebel flags and pickup trucks

Opinion It was too bad that Dr. Dean backed away from his stated desire to become the candidate of the bubbas sporting rebel flags in their pickup trucks.

Learning from Canada

Opinion I lived in Manitoba, Canada, for 10 years and traveled extensively across Canada. In Montreal I was taken by a group of trade unionists to a monument erected to the memory of Dr. Norman Bethune, a member of the Communist Party of Canada who is widely regarded as having given the initial direction and leadership that eventually led to the establishment of Canada’s present excellent health care system.

Northern Ireland Racism spiraling out of control

News Analysis “Race crime shock – attacks now averaging nearly one a day.” This front-page headline in the Belfast Telegraph sent shivers down many observers’ spines last month.