Steelers light a fire for Steel City

This is Pittsburgh. This is the Super Bowl. There are 250,000 people jammed into the downtown in the middle of a workday in February. As Steeler linebacker number 55 Joey Porter said, “There is nobody working; nobody in school. They’re all here!” We needed this.

Translating Arabic into injustice

I have been teaching modern Middle Eastern history for more than 20 years. I’ve helped train many graduate students, some of whom have gone on to become professors at universities across the country. But one of my current New York University graduate students, Mohammed Yousry, faces a very different future. Convicted a year ago of participating in a conspiracy to abet terrorism, he may be sentenced to as many as 20 years in federal prison.

To solve the energy crisis, put people before profits

Statement by the Communist Party USA Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, heating oil and natural gas have soared in the past four years, and rocketed to new highs in the last year, undermining the living standards of working people. This winter thousands of Americans have had to choose between heating and eating. The energy and related industries share much of the responsibility, yet they are enjoying record-breaking profits at the expense of working families and the environment. The Bush administration’s policies aim to further enrich its corporate cronies.


Protests of police brutality mount in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS — Over 40 outraged citizens, community leaders and family members of victims protested against police brutality here Feb. 1. They gathered in front of the Maplewood police department in support of Edmon Burns, a recent victim of police violence.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: Dont confuse him with Theo Huxtable

The Chicago State University campus theatre came alive Jan. 28 with A Night of Spoken Word, Jazz, and Funk featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner. In the words of the Dells, “Oh what a night!”

Wal-Mart Flash cartoon jabs low wages, union busting

The latest Flash cartoon to attack an important issue with humor, called “Friends with Low Wages” plays on the exclusive Garth Brooks contract with Wal-Mart using a hilarious reworking of his 1990 hit, “Friends in Low Places,” to make points about Wal-Mart’s pathetic wages, working conditions and rabid anti-union policies.

Liberation theology: from Iowa to Mexico and back

Our delegation of 12 Iowa Lutherans traveled to Mexico last fall for a weeklong program inspired by the Christian liberation theology movement in Central America. The program, sponsored by the Lutheran Center in Mexico City, caused many of us return to Iowa with our eyes newly opened to the possibilities for social change in America.


LGBT rights on the nations agenda

While support for the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community has grown over the last two decades, many lawmakers are still stuck in the past.

Smothering the King legacy

Hours after Coretta Scott King died, President Bush led off the State of the Union address by praising her as “a beloved, graceful, courageous woman who called America to its founding ideals and carried on a noble dream.” For good measure, at the end of his speech, Bush reverently invoked the name of her martyred husband, Martin Luther King Jr

Nixzmary Browns tragic death

When 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown was killed in Brooklyn, N.Y., on the 11th of January, it was certainly a tragedy waiting to happen. It was also certain that some of the workers involved in the case would be suspended or fired. Less certain was a reorganization of the agency. This time all three occurred.

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