MovieREVIEW: Three noteworthy films

When laughing hurts Wanted: justice Brutal knockout

MovieREVIEW: Munich a Powerful moral thriller

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” takes a shocking, emotionally fraught historical event — the 1972 kidnapping and killing of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team by the shadowy Palestinian “Black September” group in Munich, Germany — as the basis for a powerful moral thriller.


Free the Cuban Five

The U.S. government is still holding five Cuban nationals in jail for the “crime” of fighting terrorism.

Not just a hunting accident

Millions across the nation are shaking their heads over how Dick Cheney handled his shooting of his 78-year-old hunting partner Harry Whittington on Feb. 11.

Steelers light a fire for Steel City

This is Pittsburgh. This is the Super Bowl. There are 250,000 people jammed into the downtown in the middle of a workday in February. As Steeler linebacker number 55 Joey Porter said, “There is nobody working; nobody in school. They’re all here!” We needed this.

Translating Arabic into injustice

I have been teaching modern Middle Eastern history for more than 20 years. I’ve helped train many graduate students, some of whom have gone on to become professors at universities across the country. But one of my current New York University graduate students, Mohammed Yousry, faces a very different future. Convicted a year ago of participating in a conspiracy to abet terrorism, he may be sentenced to as many as 20 years in federal prison.

To solve the energy crisis, put people before profits

Statement by the Communist Party USA Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, heating oil and natural gas have soared in the past four years, and rocketed to new highs in the last year, undermining the living standards of working people. This winter thousands of Americans have had to choose between heating and eating. The energy and related industries share much of the responsibility, yet they are enjoying record-breaking profits at the expense of working families and the environment. The Bush administration’s policies aim to further enrich its corporate cronies.