For sake of the Union: Change Congress in November!

In response to President Bush’s State of the Union address the Communist Party USA issued the following statement:

New twist to old lies

A new documentary is garnering major press coverage for its suggestion that the Cuban government had a role in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dalla

End the death penalty

As a longtime New Jerseyan and death penalty opponent, I was happy that New Jersey’s Legislature had the courage to establish a death penalty moratorium.

Google versus Bush

When the Bush Justice Department subpoenaed data on the Google, Yahoo or MSN web searches you and I and other Americans do, it was presented as part of a Bush administration war on pornography.


Democracy and inequality

African American History Month can serve to remind all of us that democracy in our U.S. of A. is illusive. It can also serve as a period to seriously reflect — though the challenges of real struggle require a constant exploration of this matter — on a fundamental truth articulated by the former Communist Party USA chair, Gus Hall: racism is our nation’s most dangerous pollutant. Moreover, African American History Month is a moment to revel in the glory of the culture produced by the African American people’s struggle, and an opportunity to use its fervent yearning for freedom as an impetus to recommit to the fight for social change and advance.

Obscene profits

Wonder how so much of your paycheck gets siphoned off at the gas pump or burned up heating your home? Wonder no more … this week energy giant ExxonMobil announced record profits of over $36 billion — the largest annual profit in corporate history.

Coretta Scott King

The grainy black and white television footage and still photographs capture only a snippet of the struggle of millions symbolized by the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement, Coretta Scott King.