Wheres the money?

The Bush administration is once more plowing deeper in to the Iraq war with another “solution for success.” Bush has constantly said it is OK to differ with him, but his view is the only view that counts.

Debating war: 1970 and today

The Republican leadership pooh-poohed as “meaningless” the House debate on H.Con.Res. 63 condemning President Bush’s decision to deploy another 48,000 troops to Iraq. But it was 36 hours of high drama, with a bipartisan majority standing against this war.


A mighty call for peace and justice

If you want to see America at its best, come to a demonstration against the Iraq war.


House rips Iraq war

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of lawmakers stood on the House floor this week to denounce President Bush’s decision to send 48,000 more combat and support troops to Iraq.