The Iranian people totally reject war

The similarity between events taking place in recent months and those in the period between August 2002 and March 2003 is terrifying. The emotive charge of Iranian involvement in support of terrorist activities in Iraq costing the lives of 170 U.S. military personnel is designed to convince public opinion in the United States. and the European Union that George Bush and his neocon allies are justified in targeting Iran for military action.


Local antiwar protests sweep the nation

WASHINGTON — In local town hall meetings, rallies and visits to lawmakers’ district offices, antiwar activists are taking their “bring the troops home” message to the grass roots as the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war looms.

Wheres the money?

The Bush administration is once more plowing deeper in to the Iraq war with another “solution for success.” Bush has constantly said it is OK to differ with him, but his view is the only view that counts.

EDITORIAL: Historic first step

In a sign of the fundamental shift being made by the new Congress, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week passed a bipartisan resolution introduced by Joe Biden (D-Del.) and Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) opposing President Bush’s military escalation plan for Iraq. The measure could come before the full Senate next week.


We voted for peace Marchers tell Congress to end Iraq war

WASHINGTON — More than 1,000 antiwar lobbyists from 48 states visited hundreds of lawmakers’ offices on Monday, Jan. 29, to urge them to pass a Senate resolution opposing the Iraq war and to use the “power of the purse strings” to terminate the deadly four-year conflict.