Indianas threat to voting rights

The Supreme Court will soon rule on an Indiana law requiring citizens to present a government-issued photo ID every time they vote. The case is Crawford v. Marion County Election Board.

Prospects for Black and Latino unity

African Americans and Mexican Americans — and really all Latinos — have much to gain in the 2008 elections. There are opportunities for both communities to work together and lead the growing movement for political change in Washington.

Collective punishment

The blockaded and barricaded residents of Gaza performed a dramatic mass act of peaceful civil disobedience last week.

Editorial: Good riddance, Mr. Bush

Mr. President, you say the State of the Union is strong. After seven years of your regime, working people know otherwise. We’re still in an ill-gotten war that is bankrupting the country. We’re working harder for less, struggling to keep our homes and get health care. Our civil liberties are eroded. Our planet is at risk.


Editorial: A new day is dawning

African American History Month 2008 is an exciting time. Not only can we explore the special features of the African American experience through history, literature, music, dance, theater and the movies (go see “The Great Debaters”), but we can also take the time to be conscious of the connection between the African American experience and the dawning of a new day in our country.

Local governments fight foreclosure crisis

At its midwinter meeting last week, the U.S. Conference of Mayors called on Congress to reform the Federal Housing Administration so it will give more help to troubled borrowers, and to increase funding to help borrowers and neighborhoods hard-hit by soaring mortgage foreclosures.

Cuba holds elections

Cuba’s election season ended on a rainy Jan. 20 when 8.1 million citizens, age 16 or over — 95 percent of those eligible to vote — chose 614 delegates to the National Assembly and 1,201 delegates to 14 provincial assemblies, all for five-year terms. Voting that day concluded a process that began last September, when people in neighborhoods throughout the island selected 37,300 local nominees for election to municipal assemblies.

Kucinich drops White House bid

CLEVELAND — Surrounded by dozens of friends, family members, public officials and labor leaders, Rep. Dennis Kucinich announced Jan. 25 he was withdrawing from the race for president to focus on his re-election to Congress and to be able to continue the fight for social and economic justice in Washington.

World notes: Feb. 2, 2008

South Africa: Energy crisis looms Australia: PM hears about Cuban medical program Belgium: Rethinking biofuels Vietnam: Workers strike Iraq: Heroin production rises Rwanda: Military aid continues Canada: Puts U.S. on torture list

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