Photo essay: Migrants toil to put food on our tables

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Guillermina Arzola, a Mixtec immigrant from San Sebastian del Monte in Oaxaca, Mexico, works in a crew of indigenous Mixtec and Zapotec farmworkers from Oaxaca and Guerrero, Mexico, picking strawberries here.


The extraordinary life of Marvel Cooke

At the intersection of African American History and Women's History months is a long list of Black women who have made history as civil rights, labor and peace activists, educators, scientists, elected officials, physicians, astronauts, artists and much more.

Free choice and small business

Reposted from The Herald News Americans today are working harder than ever, and too often finding that the secure and stable middle-class life their parents counted on is falling further and further out of reach for them and their children.


Iraq vet faces new battle worker rights at home

CHICAGO — “The irony of it all – Bush got on TV and said we were in Iraq because we had to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, stop terrorism and spread democracy over there. I served my country honorably over there only to come back home to a place where, as a worker, I don’t even have the right to union representation. The companies hold all the cards. They do us serious hurt if we try to exercise our rights.”


Neighbors to Port: Change the trucking system, cut pollution

OAKLAND, Calif. — For over two years, Oakland’s port commissioners have been considering ways to drastically lower diesel pollution from the ships, trains and trucks moving goods in and out of the port, which ranks fourth in the nation in container traffic. port. Recognizing that trucks handling over 2 million containers there each year are major polluters, area residents and truck drivers are joining health and environmental activists in demanding the Port Commission quickly flesh out its goal to drastically cut diesel emissions by reorganizing the trucking industry as is being done by the Port of Los Angeles.


America agrees with president: Its about jobs, jobs, jobs

CHICAGO — Cindy Green, 41, is a clerk at Citibank. Her husband, who repaired air conditioners and heating units, lost his job 28 weeks ago. “I am scared to death about this,” she said, “because everything we have worked so hard for seems like it can fall apart. What if my husband can’t find another job? My son graduated with a BA last June and so far landed jobs only at Old Navy and Starbuck’s.”

Show us the green!

Blue-Green Alliance urges ‘green jobs’ investment WASHINGTON — Shawn Grimes, 30, who makes batteries for hybrid autos was one of more than 2000 people who converged on the nation’s capital to demand that Congress fund programs that create more “green jobs” like his.