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Afghanistan: war is not the answer

The good news: President Obama believes military action alone won’t bring peace to Afghanistan. “We’re going to have to use diplomacy; we’re going to have to use development,” he said in a recent television interview. He added that his administration is undertaking a comprehensive review of U.S. policy there.

State of the union

President Barack Obama’s address to Congress, Feb. 24, was both sober and inspiring.

Nuclear wake-up call

Kate Hudson, chair of the London-based Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, issued a grave warning after the collision of a British and a French nuclear-armed submarine patrolling the mid-Atlantic a couple of weeks ago.

Newsweeks socialism

Newsweek’s Feb. 16 issue features the provocative cover story, “We are all socialists now.” What a change. After almost two decades of being told, “We are all capitalists,” people who are losing their jobs, their homes and their health care won’t buy it any more.

Black-and-white TV

Forty-five short years ago I sat at my TV And in that grainy image, I witnessed tyranny.

Che reminds us why we fight

For months I couldn’t wait to finally see Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour, two-part epic “Che” about the heroic victories and military defeats of revolutionary guerilla fighter Ernesto Guevara.

Single-payer and the battle for health care

As the curtains close on an era of reactionary rule by the most right-wing elements of the capitalist ruling class, we progressives must assess what must be done in order to promote an agenda friendly to working people in this country. A chief and undisputable crisis facing everyone is the crumbling health care system.

Letters: Deliver mail, not fighter jets and more

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Peanut butter crisis

Once again the Bush-stacked and -stymied Food and Drug Administration is asleep on the job in its duty to protect the people from poisoned foods and drugs. Salmonella-tainted peanut butter produced by Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America has killed eight people and sickened 19,000, a majority of them children, in 43 states.

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