Letters: Deliver mail, not fighter jets and more

Deliver mail, not fighter jets William Pomeroy On diplomacy ‘Cadillac Records’ review Fair treatment on immigration

Peanut butter crisis

Once again the Bush-stacked and -stymied Food and Drug Administration is asleep on the job in its duty to protect the people from poisoned foods and drugs. Salmonella-tainted peanut butter produced by Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America has killed eight people and sickened 19,000, a majority of them children, in 43 states.

People Before Profits: Falling off a cliff

Last September, employment in the United States fell off a cliff. It is still falling. The economy had been losing jobs since the beginning of 2008, and the pace has been accelerating since the summer. Over the last three months, 1.8 million jobs were lost. That's an annual rate of 5 percent, the worst since 1975. Just under 3 million jobs were lost in all of 2008, but we are on track to beat that before June of this year.