Tel Aviv told not to abandon two-state solution as coalition talks continue

European Union diplomats warned Israel's next government on Monday not to abandon the two-state solution as right-wingers continued coalition talks in Tel Aviv.

US reverses stance on mercury pollution

JOHANNESBURG, (IRIN) - The new US administration this week reversed the country's position on the control of mercury by calling for a legally binding treaty to limit global mercury pollution.

Nestl Hong Kong: Strike action wins dramatic step-down from management

Hong Kong Nestlé workers took strike action at 6.30 am on Saturday morning to force the reinstatement of their suspended union president.

Irish protesters warn of another Iceland

More than 120,000 workers surrounded the Dail, or Irish Parliament, to protest against bail-outs for wealthy bankers, soaring unemployment and the Fianna Fail government's attempts to force public-sector workers to take a pay cut.

Bomb hits Shi'ite leader's funeral procession

A bomb tore through a funeral procession for a murdered Shi'ite Muslim leader in Pakistan's Punjab province on Friday, killing at least 30 people and wounding scores more.

Internet domain names grow to 177 million

(Xinhua) Despite the economic downturn, Internet domain name registrations posted a significant 16-percent growth last year, a new report has found.

Peace-seeking Israelis search for new direction

The rightward shift in Israel’s Feb. 10 elections shows that those seeking peace “must look in new directions,” says a leader of Israel’s left-liberal Meretz party.

WORLDNOTES February 28, 2009

Zimbabwe: Unity government formed China: World unions meet on economic crisis China: World unions meet on economic crisis Gaza: Israel unveiled new killing tool Britain: Report finds gov’t health care is best Latvia: Economic plunge is bellwether for Eastern Europe El Salvador: Struggle over mine mixes with elections Cuba: Food imports from U.S. grow

Toyota to suspend domestic output

Japanese carmaker Toyota announced on Wednesday that it plans to suspend domestic output in April, a day after US corporation General Motors revealed that it is to slash 47,000 jobs worldwide.

Dresden tremors still felt 64 years later

DRESDEN — A large-scale anti-fascist action Feb. 13 ended with brutal violence here.

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