White House undermines women

The Bush administration’s assaults on women’s programs continued right up until the ball dropped on 2001, with a late December announcement that the 10 regional offices of the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau will be axed this year.

11th hour on global warming

Last year was the second warmest since regular records began 120 years ago, according to the National Climatic Data Center, and scientists predict 2002 may be the warmest year yet. Global warming is here, and an international panel of scientists has determined that humans are in large part responsible.

Missile defense: fools gold

When the Pentagon’s latest “kill vehicle” slammed into a mock warhead 140 miles above the Pacific Ocean, the Bush administration and defense contractors cheered: National missile defense was one step closer to fruition.

Sixth Amendment rights denied

CHICAGO – First Defense Legal Aid, an organization which provides police station defense to thousands of low income and minority people accused the Chicago police of systematically denying Chicagoans their Sixth Amendment right to an attorney.

Albuquerque groups present Grinch award

ALBUQUERQUE – Several community and labor groups here presented Furrs Supermarkets with its first annual “corporate Grinch” award last month. New Mexico Federation of Labor Executive Director Danny Rivera was disguised as the Grinch.

The First Lady's message to victims of the Enron collapse

Gals, wondering what to do with your worthless Enron stock certificates? Decoupage! That’s right, Decoupage – the French art of dressing up surfaces with attractive scrap paper!

A Dream of Peace CD to aid hunger groups

Singer/songwriter Will Diehl has released his seventh full-length CD entitled A Dream Of Peace. Diehl’s expressive style ranges from contemporary folk to alternative and his hopeful lyrics explore the ambiguities presented by life and love.

Help, my teen wont talk to me!

If you’re a parent of a teenager, chances are excellent that more than once you’ve complained about how your teen simply refuses to talk to you. You want to communicate ... you want to know what your teen is doing, thinking, feeling ... you don’t want to face stoney silence.

International Notes

Nigerian labor calls off general strike / ILO launches campaign vs child labor / China says presidential aircraft was bugged / Russian leader worried about U.S. bases / Cypriot leaders agree to start talks

On the streets of Ramallah: one woman's story

RAMALLAH, Palestine – Since the assassination of Raid Karmi in Tull Karem four days ago I got that creeping feeling again – the one I get when it obvious that the already hellish situation here in Palestine is going to escalate. The feeling I get when I see that once again Israeli policy under Sharon’s right-wing government doing everything to set this land ablaze.

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