Bush policies blasted At UN

Faced with growing international skepticism, George W. Bush used much of his State of the Union Address in an attempt to build support for his drive to war with Iraq.

Food crisis in Africa

The United Nations estimates that in sub-Saharan Africa 38 million people are in danger of starvation within months. To give this some perspective, this figure is roughly equivalent to the population of Poland or Spain, and less than ten million less the entire population of the Republic of South Africa.

International notes

Britain: Greenpeace blocks military port / Greece: Demonstrators protest war, anti-labor policies / Turkey: A gain for civil liberties / Korea: Sides seek peaceful solution of nuclear issue / South Africa: Mbeki calls for peace / China: Airliner arrives from Taiwan

Venezuelans march to support their govt

Half a million Venezuelans converged on the capital city, Caracas, Jan. 23 to support the democratically elected government of President Hugo Chavez, and to protest a shutdown declared Dec. 2 by a business-led coalition.

Mexico sues U.S. in World Court

Mexico filed suit in the World Court of International Justice in the Hague against the United States, Jan. 21, for violating international law and the human rights of Mexican citizens in this country. Mexican citizens are rarely afforded the right to consult with their country’s counsul, Mexico charged.