Whats wrong with no-match letters

Opinion Last week, President Bush announced a vague plan to deal with the 8 to 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. The plan has been denounced because it fails to guarantee what SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina calls “a new road to citizenship” for the undocumented.

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Opinion The review of Lester Rodney’s book, “Press Box Red,” (PWW 11/22-28/03) evoked memories. I was a high schooler when I was invited to participate in two activities sponsored by the New Haven, Conn., Young Communist League, although I was not a member at the time.

Hey, Where did Wal-Mart come from?

Wal-Mart is practically synonymous with “cheaper labor.” Its U.S. clerks averaged $13,861 a year in 2001, some $800 below the miserable federal poverty line for a three-person household. Its subcontractors are infamous for their mistreatment of workers in the U.S. and worldwide.

This Week In Labor

Anti-immigrant ads pollute airwaves / Workers cross Borders,win union contract / Nissan workers seek union / Labor Secretary offers tips to bosses / Striking grocery workers salute Dr. King

SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS Behind the handshakes lies resistance

George W. Bush’s handlers tried to prepare a soft-landing for him during his Jan. 12-13 trip to Monterrey, Mexico, but they failed.

Missouri Unions, students confront Bush

ST. LOUIS – Seven hundred union members, community leaders and student activists rallied outside of the America’s Center, Jan. 5, against President Bush’s overtime proposals as the president raised $2.8 million from wealthy Republican contributors – the single largest one-night fundraising total in Missouri history.

Apollo Project would create 3.3 million jobs

WASHINGTON – Environmental, labor, and civil rights organizations convened a National Press Club news conference Jan. 14 to denounce Bush-Cheney energy policies – blocked by a Senate filibuster last month – as a giveaway to oil and gas polluters and a destroyer of jobs.

Iowa labor leader urges unity against Bush

On the eve of the Jan. 19 Iowa caucuses, the first major test of the 2004 elections, Iowa AFL-CIO President Mark Smith warned against disunity in the battle to defeat George W. Bush next November.

Immigration plan chains workers

The “more compassionate” immigration system for undocumented workers proposed by President George W. Bush on Jan. 7 will grant corporations greater ability to pit U.S. workers against the global work force for domestic jobs, say labor and immigrant rights leaders. It will also help businesses further exploit undocumented workers. click here for Spanish text

Dr. Kings vision inspires all working people

With the exception of Labor Day, there is no more important celebration of the fight for justice for all working people than Martin Luther King Jr. Day.