Who is counting your vote? Diebold & Bush vs. the public interest

Who is counting your vote? Now is the time, before November 2004, to ask that and a few other questions.

Boston to buy Rx drugs from Canada

With the support of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the city of Boston is joining the growing exodus of U.S. cities and states that now buy their prescription drugs in Canada.

Corporations blamed for mad cow disease

SEATTLE – By now, pretty much everyone in the United States has heard of the Holstein from Mabton, Wash., found to be infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), better known as “mad cow disease.” What people may not know is how this disease that devastated the British beef industry in the ’90s has been allowed to spread to Washington state.

National Clips

SACRAMENTO, Calif.: ‘Terminating’ working families / SPRINGVILLE, Ala.: Nurses blow whistle on prison water / VARNER, Ark.: State executes mentally ill African American / PITTSBURGH: Marching against police brutality

Texan switches parties

Congressman Ralph Hall of Rockwall, Texas, handed the congressional rightwing an easy victory on New Year’s Day when he revealed that he was switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party. The Texas congressional delegation is thus split evenly, 16-16.

ONeill spills beans on White House

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill has become one of the Bush re-election campaign’s worst nightmares. In a book published this week by Ron Suskind, “The Price of Loyalty,” O’Neill joins a growing list of former officials who have disclosed politically damaging details about the inner workings of the far-right Bush administration.