Pentagons toxic cocktail: rocket fuel in water

The chemical is call perchlorate — ammonium perchlorate to be exact. It is used in rocket fuel and explosives. There are millions of pounds of this toxin in drinking water and soil nationwide, especially near military installations.

Global manifest destiny and U.S. base mania

A doctrine to prevent “potential competitors from ever aspiring to a larger regional or global role” has been American policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1992, then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, drafted a strategic plan, later leaked to the press, for the construction of a unipolar world dominated by the United States.

A desolate building on Cody Avenue

Workers’ Correspondence I have a route to the train station I’ve been taking since 1981. It starts out in southern Queens, N.Y., and meanders into Ridgewood, Brooklyn.


Palestine: Mutual ceasefire essential / Bolivia: Protest gas price hikes / Guinea: Teachers strike for higher pay / Moldova: CP the top political organization

Good news for Cuba the Chinese are coming!

Two socialist nations intent upon expanding their productive capacities recently reached agreements for expanding trade relationships and cooperation over a range of mutually beneficial endeavors. Cuba is seeking alternatives to dependency on the capitalist global economy and ways to lessen the impact of the U.S. economic blockade. China fills the bill.

On King holiday weekend: Northern California labor raises the ante

SAN FRANCISCO — As their latest contract extension ended last week, hundreds of San Francisco Bay Area grocery workers gathered for a press conference outside the Oakland hotel where their union, the UFCW, is in tense contract talks with the giant Safeway, Albertsons and Kroger grocery chains.

New Yorkers mobilize against Wal-Mart

NEW YORK — The people of this city have plunged into the growing international fight against Wal-Mart’s unfair business practices by forming the “Wal-Mart Free NYC Coalition.” This comes in response to the department store chain’s announced plans to build its first city store in Rego Park, Queens.

Soldier explains refusal to return to insane Iraq war

HINESVILLE, Georgia (AP) — A young girl clutching her arm blackened by burns, dogs feeding off bodies in mass graves — the images still haunt Sgt. Kevin Benderman 15 months after he came home from Iraq.

New look courtesy of Team PWW

CHICAGO — The People’s Weekly World launched its new look Jan. 8. But it took months of behind-the-scenes work to prepare for the redesign. Our graphic design desk drafted page after page and critiqued them with the editorial board before the new look was ready to go.

Ringring: Hello, Peoples Weekly World calling

Sometimes we just don’t want to be bothered by a telemarketer. But this weekend your phone is going to ring and on the other end will be a volunteer for the People’s Weekly World asking you to help us raise $200,000 by Jan. 29.

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