Hip hop for the people

NEWARK, N.J. – Ras Baraka, an educator and deputy mayor of Newark, announced the founding of Hip Hop for the P.E.O.P.L.E. at a recent press conference. Comedian Bill Cosby and numerous hip hop artists and producers are lending their talents to this ambitious and unprecedented national program.

Si Gerson, 95, journalist and electoral expert

Simon W. Gerson, veteran journalist and legendary fighter for working class political representation, died on Dec. 26, 2004 in Brooklyn, N.Y., at 95. A member of the national committee of the Communist Party USA, Gerson’s activism spanned seven decades beginning in the depression era of the 1930s.

Day of Reckoning chronicles lives of Lucy and Albert Parsons

Review NEW YORK — Talented young African American playwright Melody Cooper’s historical drama, “Day of Reckoning,” chronicles the lives of famed anarchist and freed slave, Lucy Parsons, and her husband, Albert, a former Confederate soldier. The two-act historical drama features playwright Cooper playing Lucy. Along with Albert, she fought for workers’ rights and the eight-hour workday.

Shirley Chisholm: Unbought & Unbossed

Review 1972 was an extraordinary year. Richard Nixon was president, running for his second, ill-fated term. The voting age had just changed from 21 to 18, and millions of new voters were expected at the polls. The Vietnam War was in full swing, as were anti-war protests, a burgeoning women’s movement and the rise of the Black Panther Party.

Unfinished battle for school funding

OPINION The following testimony, slightly abridged here, was presented to the New York City Council Commission on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Jan. 13. I have two children in elementary school in the Bronx and one in high school in Manhattan, and I am the chairperson of the New York State Communist Party, whose members have been active on education issues for many years.

Disasters, contradictions, and hypocrisy

OPINION A great wave struck 12 countries Dec. 26 and killed over 150,000 people. The nations and people of the world have come together in a massive demonstration of solidarity that is entirely consistent with people’s essential generosity.

Iraqs elections no simple answers for the U.S. left

OPINION George W. Bush is uniquely unqualified to trumpet free elections, in Iraq or anywhere else. Voter intimidation, suppression, obstruction — these are his trademarks.

Listening to the inaugural speech

OPINION It turns out that many, including myself, continue to underestimate the strength of Bush’s commitment to an outright imperial policy unequaled in its scope and unprecedented in its worldwide impact.


What’s the difference? / UN: poverty ‘silent tsunami’

Martina Gangle Curl: Peoples art and the mothering of humanity

PORTLAND, Ore. — In the eight years since Portland artist Martina Gangle Curl passed away at age 88, her stature has steadily risen, spurred by a growing interest in her sometimes heroic, but always loving depiction of ordinary working people, the American Indians, pioneers and workers who created a unique culture in the Pacific Northwest.

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