World Notes

Global report: Africa bears brunt of conflicts; Bolivia: Miners and farmers lead the way; Chile: Workers at copper mine on strike; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: New charges of U.S. torture; India: Activists protest toxic waste ship

McCarthyism resurrected in Europe

On Jan. 24-27 the Council of Europe will vote on a resolution demanding international condemnation of communism and statements of renunciation from all communist parties in European Union member states “condemning the crimes committed by totalitarian communist regimes.” Equating communism with Nazism/fascism, the resolution claims that “communist ideology, wherever and whenever implemented … has always resulted in massive terror, crimes and large scale violation of human rights,” and says these are “a direct result of the class struggle theory.”

National Clips

SAN FRANCISCO: California executes man in wheelchair; BOSTON: Lawmakers crush students’ dreams; MIAMI: 5,000 students opt out of military; RICHMOND, Va.: Rally demands clean streams

Hurricane funds aid private schools, deregulation

Before adjourning for the holidays, Congress passed the Hurricane Education Recovery Act, which provides $1.6 billion in assistance to public and private schools and their students affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Anti-immigrant bill moves to Senate

The Senate Judiciary Committee will shortly begin debate on the measures it will send to the Senate floor on immigration law, one of the key legislative and electoral issues of 2006.

Full court press urged to block Alito

A week’s delay in voting on the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court gives vital days for an all-out push to block Alito, progressive groups say.

New Yorkers dial for PWW dollars

NEW YORK — A phonathon for the People’s Weekly World fund drive here pulled in over $2,500 in the first few hours, Jan. 16.

Maryland makes Wal-Mart pay

Health care drive expands to 30 more states BALTIMORE — Labor and community organizations are celebrating the Maryland Legislature’s vote Jan. 12 to override Republican Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s veto of the Fair Share Health Care Act, better known as the “Wal-Mart bill.”

Bush spying called threat to the republic

Former VP issues call to defend Constitution, investigate lawbreaking president WASHINGTON — In a Martin Luther King Day speech at Constitution Hall Jan. 16, Al Gore drew cheers as he called for appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate George W. Bush’s “strongman” abuses of power, including spying on the American people and other impeachable offenses. click here for Spanish text

U.S. seeks to block Cubas participation in World Baseball Classic

The U.S. government is trying to deny the Cuban national baseball team the right to play in the World Baseball Classic scheduled for March 3-20.

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