European Union adopts Big Brother directive

The European Parliament launched an unprecedented attack on civil liberties and the democratic rights of the citizens of the 25 European Union (EU) member countries last month by legalizing the surveillance of private citizens’ telephone conversations and e-mail in the name of “antiterrorism.”

World Notes

Czech Republic: Young communists under attack; Japan: New campaign against nukes; Uganda: Children victimized by war; Argentina: Worker takeover successful

Cuba waging fight against corruption

Cuban President Fidel Castro, speaking Nov. 17 at the University of Havana, asked, “Do you believe that this revolutionary socialist process can fall apart, or not?” His answer: “This revolution can destroy itself. … We can destroy ourselves, and it would be our fault.”

Ready for the coming crisis with Bolivia?

Evo Morales of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) won an absolute majority in the Bolivian presidential elections Dec. 18. He will be sworn in on Jan. 22.

National Clips

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla.: Vietnam refuser faces court martial; PITTSBURGH: Bridge collapses, no one killed — this time; BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Latinos sue to stop police harassment; LOUISVILLE, Ky.: Hundreds honor Emancipation Day

Philadelphians fight high heating bills

PHILADELPHIA — About 7,600 households here have been without heat since November. Another 7,000 households are using alternative heating methods, such as kerosene or electric space heaters, to keep the winter cold at bay.

Power struggle continues in Iraq

Final results of Iraq’s Dec. 15 elections are not expected for at least two weeks, as investigations of vote fraud allegations continue. Meanwhile political deal-making is under way. Controversial preliminary results gave the Shiite Islamic coalition, which dominates the current government, a lopsided lead, but short of the two-thirds needed to form a new government.

Chicago leaders urge CTA to accept Citgo offer

CHICAGO — “Is it not time for peace and reconciliation in a time of war and belligerency?” asked Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.). “When the people of Venezuela are offering this gift to Chicago, then why should we not take this opportunity to simply reach out to the people of our city, and create a dialogue with the Venezuelan people?”

NSA spy plot fuels call to censure Bush, Cheney

Revelations that President George W. Bush ordered the National Security Agency to engage in massive spying on law-abiding people, in flagrant violation of federal law, have ignited a firestorm of angry demands that he and Vice President Dick Cheney be censured or even impeached.

A busy holiday for the PWW

The news doesn’t stop for the holidays and, this year, neither did the World’s coverage. Even though there was no print edition of the paper, readers were able to keep up with important stories at pww.org.

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