$180,000 reached as PWW fund drive wraps up

NEW YORK — The People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo wrapped up its 2006 Fund Drive on Dec. 31. The newspaper’s fund drive committee said that they were pleased with the drive’s results. Events and individual contributions raised $180,000, just short of the $200,000 goal.


Movie buddies love The Good German

Dallas newspaper readers are asking, “What kind of people are they?” as they find out about Dyn-Gen, a government contractor headquartered in nearby Irving, Texas, which hires mercenaries to blow up or be blown up in the present Iraq war. As our tax money is paying for all this blowing up, we’re compelled to ask, “What kind of people are we?”


The ruling class blinks in The Queen

I was scared to go to see the film “The Queen” since Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actresses. I was terrified that she would portray Queen Elizabeth in a positive light, and I would never be able to forgive her. The movie was outstanding and I do forgive her.


The story of South Africas Little Sarah

Book Review: Rachel Holmes retells the true story of Saartjie (Little Sarah) Baartman, the “Hottentot Venus,” a young South African woman whose international adventures spanned more than 200 years.


Aristotle and the Internet some social implications of the web

Aristotle, one of the great minds of antiquity, thought that the population of states could never grow larger than the few thousand who could be directly seen and addressed in one place.


1 in 5 activists axed; Mail Handlers rejoin AFL-CIO; ‘Union tide’ sweeps Carolina; School bus workers drive to victory; Child care workers organize; Walking to rescue hospitals; Exporting union-busting; EPA action stinks; CLCs lead charge on health care

The second 100 hours

Let’s not let the budget deficit be used as an excuse to block legislation to meet the needs of working-class Americans.


Australia: Unions form global alliances Guinea: Campaign to end female genital mutilation Cuba: Infant mortality rate at new low China: Global warming to cause food shortages Canary Islands: Desperate, dangerous crossings

A working-class hero

NEW YORK — Ordinary working people can do extraordinary things. Wesley Autrey, an African American NYC union construction worker, proved that Jan. 2 when he jumped in front of a speeding subway train to rescue a stricken man.


Windy City elections show growing class divide

CHICAGO — The chorus from the famous labor song “Which Side Are You On?” may turn out to be a refrain in the February city elections here. The city’s Chamber of Commerce threw down the gauntlet when it declared it had a hit list of aldermen who voted for a “big box” living wage ordinance last year.

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