Aramark preys on Detroit schools, union, pols say

School predators don’t always appear as shadowy figures lurking on the fringes of playgrounds. Sometimes they come in brightly lit corporate offices wearing three-piece suits.

Voices from South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C.- It’s primary election day here and the army of volunteers who have flooded into the state to campaign for Barack Obama have already left the YMCA and fanned out to polling places across this city.

Different Drummers: indigenous rights and corporate free trade in South America

Indigenous rights renewal in Latin America flourishes in some quarters, but there are many reminders of the continued misery of first peoples at the hands of propertied and commercial classes.

New efforts for peace dialogue in Colombia

Democratic Reps. William Delahunt and James McGovern, both of Massachusetts, and George Miller of California, recently spent four days in Colombia looking into longstanding U.S. corporate complicity with terrorists.

China, Cuba by the numbers

Public health statistics reflect overall social well being. Educational levels, nutrition, housing, preventative health care, access to urgent care, and hopes for a decent life are all big factors in what overall health looks like. That is especially true for infant mortality and maternal mortality rates.

Baby bottles may cause cancer?

A chemical used in baby bottles, plastic containers, dental sealants and canned beverages may cause cancer and infertility, according to mounting evidence. The synthetic chemical hormone is called Bisphenol A.

Collective punishment

The blockaded and barricaded residents of Gaza performed a dramatic mass act of peaceful civil disobedience this week.

Writers break through producers wall

The writers’ union approach of fighting for agreements with independent producers as part of a strategy to force major studios back to the bargaining table appears to be working.

Lets not bomb Iran

Iran has a lot more oil than we have in the U.S. We envy them that. However, that does not make them an evil empire as President Bush indicated several years ago. The fact that Iranians are enriching uranium for electrical energy, which is allowed under the International Atomic Energy Agency’s policy, also is not an indication that they are an evil empire. We can live with Iran without bombing it.

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