Rally calls for moratorium on school closings

CHICAGO – Hundreds of teachers, parents, students, union leaders and local activists rallied here Jan. 28th at the Chicago Board of Education building against the boards plan to close, consolidate, phase out and turnaround more than 20 schools. Protesters led a march downtown chanting with signs in hand speaking out against the measure which they say will displace students and teachers, throw communities in turmoil, put hundreds out of work and undermine public education in Chicago.

As layoffs spread, pressure grows to pass recovery act

The news that another 100,000 workers have lost their jobs sent a shock wave across the nation even as President Obama visited Capitol Hill Jan. 27 to urge quick approval of his $825 billion economic stimulus package.

Ohio town hall calls for end to raids

ASHTABULA, Ohio — Labor, community and religious leaders called for a united effort to end inhuman immigration raids, arrests and deportations at a town hall meeting here.

Obamas stimulus plan must be passed now

The $825 billion stimulus plan proposed by Congress and applauded by Barack Obama should be approved immediately. Despite some noted imperfections — probably too much is dedicated to tax cuts, and even though it is the biggest rescue program in U.S. history it is likely just the beginning of the recovery effort — time is of the essence. If some concessions to Republicans on tax cuts gain speed in delivering jobs and income to American workers, then let it be so!


This land is our land

Pete Seeger, legendary folk singer and labor, civil rights and peace activist, joined by Bruce Springsteen and Seeger's grandson Tao Seeger, leads the crowd in singing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.”


A new era begins: Millions celebrate Obamas call to remake America

WASHINGTON — With millions looking on, Barack Obama took the oath as 44th president of the United States, Jan. 20, and summoned the people to join in the struggle to remake America, reeling from two wars and a worsening economic crisis.


Music and history light up Lincoln Memorial

WASHINGTON — The Lincoln Memorial, a site for many an important demonstration for civil rights, became the moving backdrop Jan. 18 for “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.”

California careens toward budget cliff

As California’s budget continued to careen headlong toward the cliff of insolvency, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week delivered a state-of-the-state address shorn of the bold pronouncements that marked his five previous addresses.


The cost of living

During a recent shopping trip to Macy’s I made a simple, but possibly profound, discovery: shit costs too much, way too much. I’m serious. I keep reading about big discounts offered by retailers due to the recession so I went shopping looking for a good buy in keeping with my $10 shirt and pants policy — I don’t spent more than 10 bucks for either. Seriously. However, I’m not seeing any big change in prices as compared to, say, six months or a year ago. What’s going on?


A peoples inauguration

WASHINGTON—Unprecedented. That’s what people are saying about the “people’s inauguration” of Barack Obama.

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