The cost of living

During a recent shopping trip to Macy’s I made a simple, but possibly profound, discovery: shit costs too much, way too much. I’m serious. I keep reading about big discounts offered by retailers due to the recession so I went shopping looking for a good buy in keeping with my $10 shirt and pants policy — I don’t spent more than 10 bucks for either. Seriously. However, I’m not seeing any big change in prices as compared to, say, six months or a year ago. What’s going on?


A peoples inauguration

WASHINGTON—Unprecedented. That’s what people are saying about the “people’s inauguration” of Barack Obama.


'He asked for mercy and was given none'

OAKLAND, Calif. — In the wake of the shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant III, 22, by Bay Area Rapid Transit policeman Johannes Mehserle early New Years morning, a broad movement is growing for far greater citizen involvement in reviewing and determining police department policies.