UN calls for food aid from rich countries

THE UN urged rich countries on Monday to stump up the aid that they pledged at a food crisis summit last year after riots had erupted in underdeveloped countries over soaring prices.

Climate change: Obama signals end to era of denial

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (IPS) - Environmental activists have hailed the first moves by U.S. President Barack Obama to reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions by setting tough new fuel efficiency and pollution standards for the country's cars and trucks, steps that his predecessor, George W. Bush, had rejected or ignored.


People's banquet says, Yes we did it!

CHICAGO – Over a 100 friends, supporters and staff of this newspaper celebrated the heroic efforts made by local election activists in the historic campaign of President Obama at the Parthenon restaurant here on Jan. 11, during the 21st Annual Banquet of the People’s Weekly World under the theme “Yes We Did it!”


"Milk" still gives us hope

The fight for justice, the fight for equality, and the passion to stand up for hope and change were themes racing through my head after seeing “Milk,” directed by Gus Van Sant.


Michigan notebook: Autoworkers rally for jobs; Calls for justice for child care workers

WARREN, Mich. — Inside the City Hall atrium in this working class suburb of Detroit, 250 autoworkers rallied Jan. 13 to save their jobs. Billed as “Stand Up for American Products and American Workers,” the rally was called by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts at the behest of several autoworkers.

Taino Re-Elected Chair of UN NGO Decade Committee

Taino community activist Roberto Borrero was re-elected Chairperson of the NGO Committee on the United Nations International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples this past December. The Committee is a Special Committee of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with the United Nations (CONGO).

OPINION: What happened to me on the way to the inauguration

When walking down 34th street to pick up train tickets to the Washington Inauguration on Monday, MLK Day, I heard someone shout out the N word. Looking up it turned out to be a white person yelling it at another white person. Really!

OPINION: Onward for a more responsible U.S.

The world can breathe a little easier now that the new president of this country, my country, urges our people to take responsibility for this new age with grave challenges – to meet the challenges of climate change, unbridled militarism, economic and social and political disruption and inequalities globally. Past policies have been insane, threatening life as we know it on this planet.


Comics at the movies Which Spirit is it?

Dear Older Brother Sometimes, one has to turn to older siblings to try to understand things that would otherwise keep us dazed and dumbfounded. Fortunately, I have you.

Spidey and Obama team up in Washington

When I was a kid I used to love it when my mom would drive me to the comic book store where I would rack up on my favorite super-heroes. Reading comic books at a young age eventually nurtured my love for reading as a young adult. Occasionally I still collect comics and Spider-Man by far has always been my favorite. Spidey and others helped me as a child escape into a fascinating and imaginative world where the good guys always saved the day.

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