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Detroit rally backs Obama economic recovery program

DETROIT — 2009 is beginning as those who voted for change imagined: grassroots groups are turning the hope that blossomed last November into action. In this hard-hit city, organizing is under way to change things from the bottom up.

The iron fist in Texas is on his way out

The iron fist in Texas is on his way out. No, not George Bush. Texas House Speaker Republican Tom Craddick has withdrawn his candidacy for a fourth term as Speaker of the Texas State House of Representatives.

House passes two major working family bills: Fair Pay Act, Paycheck Fairness Act

Original source: Lilly Ledbetter says she knows she’ll never recover the hundreds of thousands of dollars she lost from her paychecks because of nearly 20 years of pay discrimination. But today the U.S. House of Representatives, w

California budget: Back to Square One, as disaster looms

he Gordian knot that is California’s budget process got a lot more complicated this week, as Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Jan. 6 vetoed a complex of compromise budget measures legislative Democrats sent him for signature, after weeks of talks between the governor and legislative leaders of both parties failed to reach agreement.

Introducing 2008 Progie nominees

The newly formed James Agee Cinema Circle has announced this year’s nominations for the Progie Awards honoring the best in progressive cinema. The group is named after the noted playwright, author and longtime writer for The Nation, James Agee, and is charged with advancing the awareness of progressive cinema.

You read it here first: predictions for 2009

When analog TV broadcast ends Feb. 17 all hell will break lose. The biggest stimulus package in U.S. history ... Campaigns for a restoration of full employment ... The Internet will spew democracy far beyond capitalism’s control. A dramatic increase in the number of PWW readers, especially among union families. Something new will come along to replace Twitter.

There is plenty of hope for progress if we struggle as a people

Originally published on LatinoLA, Jan. 7, The change in the White House and Congress is significant, important victories can be won Just imagine if John McCain and Sara Palin had been elected.

Censored 2009: Top 25 most censored stories

According to a study undertaken by the British polling group Opinion Research Business, American military actions since 2003 have led to the death of one million Iraqi people, rivaling mass killings in Rwanda in 1994 and Cambodia in the 70s under Pol Pot. In addition, 2.5 million Iraqis have fled the country to escape the violence and 10,000 depart the country every month.

Blues: Oxygen for working people

I went to see Cadillac Records with two of my movie buddies on the night after opening in Houston. This great movie is an exceptional attempt to portray the genius of African-American music.

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