Latin America fights neolibralism

When the Peruvian trade union movement organized demonstrations this month in support of the public school teachers’ strike and against the government-imposed State of Emergency, the demonstrations turned into protests against President Alejandro Toledo’s neoliberal economic policies as a whole and not just the trade union issues.

Starbucks hit for Cintas contract

Across the country last week, upscale coffee company Starbucks felt the heat for contracting with union-buster Cintas Corp. to launder aprons, mats and linens. Cintas has been cited repeatedly for breaking the law by discriminating, dumping untreated wastewater, and violating labor law.

Tennessee UAW Local defeats lockout

Locked out since Sept. 2, 2002, some 250 Peterbilt truck workers in Madison, Tenn., return to work July 2, having defeated company proposals to increase their health care costs up to 300 percent.

JwJ launches 'season of struggle'

MIAMI, Fla. – Launching a “season of struggle,” participants at the annual Jobs with Justice (JwJ) meeting here signed on to a jam-packed agenda of protest, mobilization and education for this fall. They emphasized four key issues leading up to the 2004 elections: health care, global justice, the right of workers to organize, and the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride (IWFR).