Hip-hop in Brazil

Hip-hop was born in New York but if you talk to most young people in São Paulo, Brazil, they’ll tell you that they feel like it belongs to them. No one will deny it is an American import, but after more than two decades of hip-hop, pronounced “hippy hoppy” in Portuguese, local hip-hop has developed explicitly Brazilian characteristics.

Liberia in the Bush administrations crosshairs

This week, U.S. President George Bush embarked on his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. His five-day itinerary included Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda and Nigeria. Ironically, media attention has largely focused on another African country this week: Liberia.

International notes

Britain: Foreign office concerned re U.S. military trials / Colombia: Court orders fumigation suspended / Nigeria: General strike continues / United Nations: Workers protest suspension of union / Pakistan: Sugar workers uphold union rights

Canadian Communists win key court battle

VANCOUVER, Canada – Communist Party of Canada (CPC) leader Miguel Figueroa can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Canadian Supreme Court on June 27 struck down parts of the Canada Elections Act, which deny small political parties the right to exist and participate in elections.

U.S. troops morale plummets in Iraq

President Bush shocked many people last week when he responded to the increasing attacks on American troops in Iraq by saying, “My answer is, bring them on.” A day after his comic-book-style comment, 10 U.S. soldiers were wounded in three incidents.