La Raza calls for massive voter turnout

AUSTIN, Texas – Calling George W. Bush’s campaign promises “a false image, a mirage,” Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), called on Latinos in the United States to register and vote in support of their communities.

NOW launches drive to equality

CRYSTAL CITY, Va. – The 1,000 delegates to a conference of the National Organization for Women here chanted “Carol, Carol” when Democratic presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun arrived July 11.

La Raza demands action on Latino issues

AUSTIN, Texas – Thousands of people streamed into the Austin Convention Center July 12-15 for the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference and Latino Expo fair. A general theme running throughout the conference was, as NCLR President Raul Yzaguirre put it, “We [Latinos] fought hard for democracy. Now democracy has to work for us.”

NAACP cheers call to oust Bush in 2004

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – In the state where the 2000 presidential election was stolen, NAACP delegates cheered calls to oust George W. Bush from office “and send him back to Crawford, Texas” in next year’s election.

Register voters in 2003: get started now for 2004

Opinion It’s tough to pay attention to politics while beaches beckon and the beauty of our national and state forests and parks offers relaxation, recreation and adventure. With baseball, softball, family reunions, concerts and cookouts, it’s hard to think about politics.

Kucinich vows to challenge monopolies

ELGIN, Ill. – On June 21, Dennis Kucinich took his campaign for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party into the home territory of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, one of George W. Bush’s closest allies.

CPUSA leaders chart anti-Bush fightback

NEW YORK – An upbeat, fighting spirit dominated the June 28-29 meeting of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA.