New York City mayor tries to stifle dissent

NEW YORK – In what has become a confrontation here between civil liberties advocates and this city’s Republican mayor, United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) is locked in struggle with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city police and parks departments to obtain a permit for a protest rally in Central Park during the Republican National Convention.

Hip hop convention draws 3,000

NEWARK, N.J. – Mutulu, of Dead Prez, rubbed shoulders with veteran civil liberties activist Ron Daniels as 3,000 people attended the founding Hip Hop Political Convention (HHPC) here June 16-20.

Fahrenheit 9/11 heats up the kitchen of discontent

Controversy – what controversy? With the slew of conservative commentators lining up to take swings at filmmaker Michael Moore for his latest documentary, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” one could surmise that some freshly minted conspiracy theory had just been curve-balled out of deepest, darkest left field into the unsuspecting right field of the White House War Room.

Big tent, not Bush-lite, will defeat Bush

The May 7 speech by Sen. John Kerry to the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) drew cheers from New York Times op-ed pundit David Brooks, a Bush supporter.

For a peoples victory, pay attention to the Latino vote

“A Day Without Mexicans” is the title of a recent serio-comic movie about how impossible life in California would be if one day the Mexicano workers were not around. With the national elections less than four months away, progressives would do well to consider a Nov. 2 without Mexicans and other Latinos – or even with just a low voter turnout.

Together, we can let America be America again

We have a president who talks like a populist and governs for the privileged. We were promised compassionate conservatism; instead we got crony capitalism.

Hattie Lumpkin, Mother and Fighter for Socialism

Besides running this large household, Hattie had to do housework for other people. She had more mouths to feed than husband Elmo’s wage in the Florida orange groves could cover.

Bush wields ax against environment, science

Four years ago as the Republican candidate for the White House, George Bush promised a safer, stronger environment. This was part of his “compassionate conservative” pitch.

Chicago unions, tenants fight for housing

CHICAGO – In an important new development, organized labor is now stepping forward to make its voice heard on the side of renters in the growing housing crisis here.

The 1871 ban on night work

A recent Oxfam study of factories producing for Wal-Mart, Target, Nike and similar companies underlined their abusive practices worldwide.

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