Texans speak out against torture

DALLAS – The Dallas Peace Center and the Center for Survivors of Torture held an interfaith service June 25 in keeping with the United Nations Day Against Torture.

A passion to re-defeat Bush

The Committee to ReDefeat the President (www.redefeatbush.com) is an innovative and energetic political action committee whose goal is to register 1 million new Democratic voters in swing states.

A grassroots view of San Diegos underbelly

BOOK REVIEW Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See By Mike Davis, Kelly Mayhew and Jim Miller The New Press, 2003 Hardcover, 304 pp., $25.95

Government science goes political

Imagine if a government scientist discovered unseen bacteria in the air that posed serious health risks to the public, but was ordered to suppress the research by an agency with connections to the very industry producing the hazard.

The haves and have-nots

“Fill it up.” That’s what Paul Allen says when he pulls into the slot where he gets his tank filled. Then Allen plunks down $250,000 for the fill-up. That’s right, one-quarter million dollars, and at the “old” prices at that.

Unfinished business: from Brown to NCLB and beyond

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court’s watershed Brown v. Board of Education decision set the precedent for an assertive federal role in American public education. The issues of quality and equality have been on the national agenda ever since.

Bush, religious right target churches

Fighters for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are voicing alarm that 228 years after the nation’s birth, George W. Bush and the ultra-right are waging a ferocious assault on separation of church and state, a pillar of democracy and toleration.

Dont get sick

Each year 2.7 million federal workers are guaranteed 13 days of paid sick time. Many state employees are guaranteed the same or even more.

Labor, community defeat L.A. County budget cuts

LOS ANGLES – Led by Service Employees International Union Local 660, the labor movement and the community have defeated proposals for drastic cuts in public services in Los Angeles County.

School unions rally to stop 3,200 layoffs

DETROIT – Over 800 members of the Coalition of Detroit Public Schools Unions rallied at the Detroit Public Schools Board meeting on June 17 to protest the board’s plan to lay off 3,200 workers, including 900 teachers, before September.

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